What to Expect in Your Home After Your Vacation

Being away from home long enough can make it difficult to return. With each passing day, memories of your abode can become less vivid as you become accustomed to the place you are visiting. Whether you dread or anticipate the end of your vacation, coming back is going to be a chore.

For those who leave their homes unattended, they can find issues from the get-go. From new four, six, or eight-legged companies to moldy fridges, you might wish that you had the luxury of being on vacation forever. Alas, “home sweet home” is an affirmation of belonging that you will now need to justify. So as soon as you turn the key to your house, here are some things you can put on your “welcome back” checklist to make sure that you settle in as soon as possible.

Moldy Fridge Surprise

Dealing with a moldy fridge can be stressful, but it is probably one of the things you need to get out of the way. For instance, if you brought back something from your trip that needs to be refrigerated, you would most likely hesitate to put it in a moldy fridge. That hesitation is your survival instinct kicking in since mold can cause illnesses when inhaled or consumed.

So, wear a mask while you are completing this chore to prevent spores from entering your body. Vinegar is a great way to get rid of mold. Ensure that you spray it on all the components of your fridge to prevent them from coming back. The good thing is that switching it on can reduce the chances of them thriving.

Your fridge probably got mold after days of being switched off. If it has not been cleaned properly before you left, and if it was only unplugged before heading out for your vacation, it was most likely left to defrost on its own. As a result, molds developed in the moist environment created by the melted ice.

The dark setting provided by your closed fridge could have also helped. It will not smell great as soon as you open it, and the putrid scent can fill up the room. Even though this is not the ideal way to spend your first few hours back, you do not really have a choice.

termites on wood

Bugs Holding Down the Fort

Nature can take over your home as soon as you leave. Within a couple of days, you might find different insects or pests starting to thrive, basking in the emptiness of your house. They will no longer feel the vibrations of an occupied abode, and this can make them feel safe to roam free. It may not be a delightful welcome from your new tenants, but it can be something you can sort out as soon as possible.

For example, you can hire tick control professionals to identify potential sources and remove them immediately. This way, you will not have to worry about them invading your home. You can get your house gassed and cleaned of potential bugs that can make your arrival unsettling. It will be an investment in your peace of mind on your way back from a relaxing vacation.

The Scent of Dust Everywhere

If you are allergic to dust, your empty home might not agree with your immune system. Without the airflow from open doors, windows, and functioning vents, the dust can settle on your possessions. It is going to take a lot of work, with specific methods to approach different parts of your home, but a bit of dusting as soon as you arrive can make your first night back more comfortable.

Don’t worry — it is a reasonable precaution to wear a mask before you open the door, especially if your body will not react well. You could ask your neighbor or friend to help you out by dusting the place beforehand. Just make sure you pack them a souvenir to say thank you.

Rewarding your hard work with a vacation is how you can stay sane. It is a busy world to be a part of, and reducing the stress you might face can make it all the more enjoyable. At least now you know what to expect on your return and which steps you can take to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Your home misses your tender love and care, so it only makes sense that you come back with some chores to do. In a few days, everything should be back to normal. That is until you have to leave for a trip again.

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