Tamaryn Release Party Live Review


My friend turned to me and said “Tamaryn is the epitome of shoegaze.” While the buzzing San Francisco band performed like a shoegaze group, standing motionless, strumming away tripped out grooves, the association is limiting. Embedded within sweeping guitar chords, and methodical rhythms is an ease, and gentleness that is comforting and alarming like the Read More

Thought Process–>Sonic Youth–>Phil Spector–>The Raveonettes


The term, “wall of sound,” is a technique used to describe the texture and style of many rock bands. A cacophony of noise, clattering space with chord progressions, kicks, and effects–the technique builds, maintains and persists between pauses. Moments, and lapses in songs are filled creating a “wall.” Multiple guitars play similar chord progressions, overlapping Read More

Sonic Youth Interview: Steve Shelley


After thirty years of making music, it’s hard to imagine a band remaining current, but Sonic Youth continues to defy the odds. With a meringue of avant-garde sound and pop undertones, the band’s latest album, Eternal, realizes all the facets of the group’s past success. Sonic Youth performs January 10th at The Fillmore. SFCritic spoke Read More