Gregg Gillis on the Girl Talk Live Show


I’ve been seeing a continuous discussion over the last couple of weeks about live electronic performance. I’m not really interested in debating anyone’s points, but I thought I’d break down my own approach. I’ve gone over various aspects of this countless times in interviews, so this is nothing new, really, but I thought it might Read More

Kanye // Pretty Lights

Torpeedoh – Sky High (Kanye West // Pretty Lights Mashup)


Ya can’t get much better than Pretty Lights remixing Kanye, but a PL // Kanye mashup is a close second. In this mash, Torpeedoh remixes Kanye’s “Touch the Sky” with PL’s “Maybe Tomorrow”. I didn’t know if he could pull it off at first and, although, it does seem cluttered at times, overall it’s a Read More

SOJORN – Bittersweet Collage


I’m not usually into super mashups. I like focus. This kind of has a focus: it’s a tribute to 90’s music (mostly hip-hop). Sojorn: “Bittersweet Collage” [audio:] Set to the beat of a “Bittersweet Symphony,” SOJORN’s “Bittersweet Collage,” brings us back to the simpler days and that 90’s nostalgia (if you can remember the Read More

Girl Talk [Fox Theater in Oakland] March 18th


Girl Talk headlines the Fox Theater in Oakland Friday March 18th, promoting his new album, All Day. The album was available for free to download at Illegal Art (click here). Girl Talk’s shows are famous as hot dance party, during which Girl Talk, born Greg Gillis,  strips his clothes welcoming the audience to do the same. Read More

The White Panda [Free Download] “Pandamonium”


The White Panda, the production duo we featured (click here) a few months ago, have recently released a new mashup album for your oral pleasures entitled, “Pandamonium.” Here’s the group’s abbreviated bio: The White Panda formed when two boyhood friends discovered they had independently embarked on mashup careers in college. Chicago-based Procrast (Tom Evans) first Read More

STRFCKR or Starfucker Mashups


Strfrkr, the Portland electro-pop trio, are playing in San Francisco tonight at the Independent in support of their latest album, Reptilians. For a review of the album, click here. Front man and the creative mind behind the group, Josh Hodges, describes the album as “happy music about death.” Nice. Recently, Hodges has been posting original Read More

[Remixes] Bon Iver & Matt Kim


“It’s the remix BITCH!” Hard to imagine “spicin’” up Bon Iver. Then again, who would have thought a folk singer from Wisconsin would collaborate with Kanye West? This remix of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” by Das Kapital is a perfect balance. It would be easy to over weigh Bon Iver’s acoustic and minimalist sound with Read More

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