Kanye West

Kanye West ft. KiD CuDi and Raekwon “Gorgeous”: Song of the Day


I don’t think Kanye’s profile could get any bigger. After all, during interviews with Matt Lauer, our former president George W. Bush ended up discussing Kanye instead of, say, Iraq or Afghanistan. Say what you will, but Mr. West has managed to reach a point of near complete saturation. Whether its his tweeting, his 34 Read More

Kanye West Releases “Monster” On His Blog


Once again Kanye proves that few have their hand to the pulse of pop music like he does. Kanyeezy brings together ostensibly divergent but uber-relevant talents like Bon Iver and Nicki Minaj with elder-statesmen Jay-Z and Rick Ross in a weirdy dope, unmistakably Kanye-like jam called “Monster.” It’s available to download through his blog. Alongside Read More