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Mimicking Birds/Modest Mouse @ The Masonic


  The last time I went to The Masonic was on New Years Eve for the Comedy Countdown show. The ground floor had rows of seats leading up to the awkwardly large round stage at the center. Now it has been renovated into one of the best venues in San Francisco to experience live music. Read More

Photo by Tuomas Kopijaakko

Listen: Amen Dunes Releases New Album Love Tomorrow


It’s Monday. All of us at one point or another hit that Monday slump where you just can’t accept the new work week. Luckily, there’s always new music to help us decompress and get us thinking like productive members of society again. This past week I’ve been checking out a preview of Amen Dunes’ upcoming album Love. I find the music a Read More

Andrew Bird and Laura Marling at Fox Theater [Photo Review]


The evening began with the British folk musician Laura Marling, whose simple set was a sweet, calming segue into Andrew Bird.Guitar in hand, she stood alone onstage and wooed the audience with each string plucked. Her old voice belies her youth. Then Andrew Bird took the stage alone and initiated the audience into his musical style, intricately Read More

Playlist [New Mp3s] Tycho, Dirty Projectors, Major Lazer


In effort to keep up with the times, but not having the time to keep up, I’ve created a playlist backlogging some song I’ve neglected to share with you. Several albums including the new Dirty Projector & Björk, Real Estate and Tycho, have caught my ear, in addition to singles from Major Lazer, The Moor, Read More

Bon Iver at Berkeley’s Greek Theater [Photographs]


Bon Iver performed earlier this week at the Greek Theater in Berkeley to a sold-out crowd. The sun set soon after his performance began, making it easy, besides the illuminating cellphones (replacing lighters) and occasional hoots-n-hollers (“We love you Justin!”), to become lost in Justin Vernon’s voice. With the exception of a few tracks including Read More

Fleet Foxes at The Greek Theater [Live Review and Photography]


Photographs by Darryl Kirchner In 2008, Fleet Foxes filled smaller venues across the country to promote their self-titled debut, which was certainly one of that year’s biggest successes. Fortunate as I was to see them play in what is essentially a rec center, it was still interesting to watch these immensely talented musicians play such Read More

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