The Kazbah Fundraiser: Rob Garza & James Teej


The Kazbah fundraiser was the first time the collective organized a public event beyond The Playa. The crowd consisted of the diversity Burning Man tends to offer. From break dancers, to House Heads, to Burners, people were getting their dance on, rubbing shoulders and other body parts to the hypnotic music at Public Works.

I Love This City Festival: Day 2 Review


Saturday’s lineup of I Love This City definitely tried it’s hardest, but couldn’t quite overcome Friday’s sets. Probably more due to the circumstances surrounding their music, i.e. a bitter cold wind and my ambitious lack of a jacket, but also a byproduct of the crowd. A fuller, more weekend crowd made the enjoyment less about Read More

Treasure Island Festival: Deamau5


Tomorrow marks the beginning of San Francisco’s Treasure Island Festival. The festival, broken into two days, will feature electronic and dance music on Saturday and indie rock on Sunday. Saturday will also feature the newly added silent disco, which for those unfamiliar is a dance party that has everyone wearing headphones listening to the same Read More