Playlist [New Mp3s] Tycho, Dirty Projectors, Major Lazer


In effort to keep up with the times, but not having the time to keep up, I’ve created a playlist backlogging some song I’ve neglected to share with you. Several albums including the new Dirty Projector & Björk, Real Estate and Tycho, have caught my ear, in addition to singles from Major Lazer, The Moor, Read More

NewVillager [Interview] Explain Their Mythos


There are just too many word that begin with “in-” to describe NewVillager: inspirational, introspective, instructional, and insightful, are just a few. The NY Magazine described them as “brilliant” and “highbrow.” Already some of you might assume that the art collective created by Ross Simonini and Ben Bromley is “too heady.” Even describing their characteristic Read More