Burger Boogaloo Day 2: Electric Boogaloo


Sunday of the Boogaloo was mellower, as Sundays tend to be. Some of us had work in the morning, and some had been day-drinking since the Fourth. Quite a few attendees opted for the whole weekend, many of them notably more sunned and crispy than the day before.

On the second day I began to appreciate the side attractions. The Boogaloo food area featured, among other fare, a hamburger stand (duh), vegan food, iced coffee, and organic popsicles, all for…okay it was pretty steep, but not outrageous. And, as I mentioned last time, staff and goers were amicable–I witnessed no petty squabbles nor general displays of douchebagery throughout the entire weekend. Bravo, Burger Boogaloo. I’ll see you next year.

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photo by Matt Barrick

TONIGHT! The Walkmen’s Peter Matthew Bauer at Bottom of the Hill


Peter Matthew Bauer, one of The Walkmen‘s founding members as bassist and organist, is now a lead singer-songwriter touring his new solo record Liberation! out now on Mexican Summer records. Bauer put out seven records with The Walkmen including indie anthem The Rat, produced by Dave Sardy.

In the first single, “Latin American Ficciones”, the sound is reminiscent of The Walkmen’s garage tambourine and sheen guitars, but you may find that the vocal stylings surprisingly remind you of Tom Petty-Americana, in a good way. Check it out: Read More


Tycho Wows Boiler Room Fans in SF Takeover


While I’ve seen Tycho perform a few times in the past, I definitely had never experienced a show from Scott Hansen, the SF-based producer and visual artist behind the name, quite like this. I’m pretty sure the last time I saw Tycho was in college, and I was most likely over-served and unable to fully appreciate the incredible show transcending in front of me.

Not the case this time, though. Performing a set with his live band in tow for a streamed Boiler Room audience viewing across the globe, I was lucky enough to sneak away from a long day to see it recorded live with about 20 other people at a funky little Airbnb rented studio, complete with a massive buffalo head on the wall. I did not feel nearly cool enough to be there, but it was awesome. The Boiler Room stream was sponsored by Sky Vodka and served up some girly cocktails in bright blue glasses with flashing lights that nearly gave me a stroke every time I took a sip. (Don’t worry – no strokes.) Read More


Moshing in Mosswood: Day 1 of Burger Boogaloo 2014


Great sequels are about raising the stakes and Burger Records‘ fifth annual Burger Boogaloo did just that. The all-ages festival flooded Mosswood Park’s lone stone ampitheatre and filled it to the brim with balloons, streamers, and colorful Oakland weirdos. The shows were quick (30-60 minutes each), day-lit (or would have been if not for delays), and everybody–staff, security, and festival goers–was in good spirits. All in all, the Burger Boogaloo put on the table everything essential to American summer fun: burgers, beer, sunshine, jean shorts, and rock and roll.

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A roar of energy for Deafheaven at GAMH


Deafheaven graced hometown San Francisco with a thrilling, tour-ending show on Wednesday night at the Great American Music Hall. Frontman George Clarke motioned to the packed crowd to get as close to the stage as possible with his deliberate and commanding movements before the first song started. The crowd responded with a roar of energy, sustained throughout the entire performance, an emotionally charged, soul shaking, aural assault that left it all on the floor.

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Photos: Pure X and friends live at Brick & Mortar


A small but passionate crowd gathered last Saturday at Mission venue Brick & Mortar Music Hall for an intimate evening featuring Austin trio, Pure X. To warm things up, Bay Area band Sam Flax set the perfect atmosphere with their catchy psychedelic-pop tunes that had the audience quickly up on their feet. With a setlist consisting mostly of songs from their LP Age Waves, Sam Flax was able to capture us all with little words and a lot of music. Their single, “Fire Doesn’t Burn Itself,” closed the set on a high note. Read More

The Knocks

Photos: The Knocks get Comfortable at Sold Out Independent with Help from ASTR


There is no better way to charge hard into America’s birthday than spending a Tuesday night at the Independent seeing two amazing NYC electronic acts put a charge into a shoulder-to-shoulder, sold out crowd. My playlists are filthy with tracks from both The Knocks and ASTR, so I tried to keep my expectations low before the show, but honestly, both acts brought their “A game” and did not disappoint.

First up was ASTR touring on their recent EP Varsity. I was first seduced by their sound when I heard the killer cover of Drake’s Hold On We’re Going Home.” Vocalist Zoe ASTR (Silverman) and Producer Adam ASTR (Pallin) pull off the unimaginable: taking a Drake song and making me not tired of it, with intricate beats and deeply soulful lyrics. I highly recommend you listen to the full Varsity EP front to back. Adam is an experienced and skilled producer, and the songs are just plain fun. The background of the duo is also super interesting too, you can read about it here in the Village Voice. Read More

Photos by Pedro Paredes

Spanish Gold, Clear Plastic Masks and Local Upstarts Yesway Rock Rickshaw Stop


Wednesday night, The City was treated to a solid trio of acts touring on amazing new albums. SFCritic photographer Pedro Paredes was armed with his camera, and I was sporting my Giants cap fresh off the Tim Lincecum no-hitter as we took in a show that, on paper at least, was a rather odd pairing of acts.

The opener was SF local Yesway. Even though I had listened to their newly-announced, self titled album Yesway, I was a little surprised to see a vibraphone (yes I had to look it up) on stage. Friend’s Emily Ritz and Kacey Johansing moved the crowd with vocal harmonies that paired with synchronized folk guitar melodies. A little meek when talking to the crowd, once they were performing the soulful lyrics poured from the duo’s bodies, creating a great base for the shredding rock that followed. Read More


Nightmares On Wax Live


George Evelyn, aka Nightmares On Wax (NOW), is celebrating 25 years of making music with Warp Records. He’s touring all over the world promoting his recently released double CD called N.O.W Is The Time. The CD is a compilation of NOW hits dating back to 1989. During the tour, Evelyn is accompanied by vocalists Ricky Ranking and Mozez (Zero 7), and drummer Grant Kershaw. Together, they brought to life 25 years worth of classics at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco on Saturday night.

Early songs such as “Les Nuit” and “You Wish” kept the crowd immersed in those smooth downtempo beats, hypnotizing everyone in the room. Soon, the air was filled with bliss and medical smoke. The geometric visuals triggered by Evelyn in his DJ booth only enhanced the ‘chillout’ vibe everyone was enjoying. Read More


Photos: Emoh of What So Not Ignites 1015 Folsom


Thursday night, Emoh Instead (Chris Emerson) — DJ, Producer, and one half of the Sydney-based duo What So Not that also includes Flume (Harley Streten) — dropped a massive set on a raucous, sweaty, and almost universally out of it crowd at 1015 Folsom.

As a duo, What So Not does not shy away from the bass. Their songs can best be described as a hyperactive take on trap music. They recently released songs under the EP The Quack  and are promising to release more new material soon. Emoh ended his set with the duo’s popular single “Jaguar,” which turned the crowd into a sea of jumping bodies and pumping fists.  Read More

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