Outsiders Guide to Outside Lands

Buried Booze, Pee Boxes and Yeezus: The Only Outside Lands Printable Map You Need


Golden Gate Park can sometimes be a big and scary place during Outside Lands and if you don’t have a map you might not enjoy the show to the fullest.

This year, thanks to our creative lead, Fabian, we took matters into our own hands to design the ultimate Outside Lands printable map, “The Outsider’s Guide to Outside Lands.”
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Kanye spagetti

7 Forgettable Food and Music Pairings for Outside Lands Music Festival


As we were indulging in our Bay Area smug, it dawned on us “How have we not made an Outside Lands’ menu for people?” Without further adieu, below you’ll find our pairings of Outside Land’s foods with their appropriate performers. Bon appetite!

Kanye West + AQ’s “Highbrow Spaghetti”

Yeezus wouldn’t eat plain ol’ marinara and pasta. This is GOD we’re talking about. (His words, not mine.) So you best get on that “Highbrow Spaghetti” from AQ. Instead of parmesan they sprinkle gold on it. And because decadence and YEEZUS are synonymous, you need to finish that al dente pasta perfection with Humphry Slocombe’s “Scoops of Chocolate Gold Rush” because you ain’t messing with “no broke n*****.” Read More


Local Musicians Get Some Free Studio Time via Different Fur Studio and Converse


Hey broke (and not, so broke) Bay Area artists–Converse is back to help you get some free studio time. The “Converse Rubber Tracks” will be welcoming select artists to record at Different Fur studio from Monday, August 18 to Friday, August 22. Musicians of all genres are encouraged to apply for free recording time and help from experienced engineers. At the end of your studio time, you will retain all of the rights to your own music. A total of 10 artists will be selected to record.

To apply, go here: http://www.converse.com/rubbertracks

Jake Blakesburg

Deltron 3030, Lucinda Williams, Emmy Lou Harris and more at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 14 October 3-5


Sure, your focus might be solely on Outside Lands, but Golden Gate Park is home to another festival that shared some big news. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, which draws people from all over the world as well as every person with a chain wallet and pitbull in San Francisco, will take place October 3rd-5th this year and is slowly unveiling its lineup. If you don’t mind a big crowd, this is definitely a fun excuse to hit the park during the Indian summer.

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Shabazz Palaces Change the Game @ The New Parish


Last week, at The New Parish in Oakland, Seattle-based experimental hip-hop duo Shabazz Palaces put on a pair of shows in support of their new LP Lese Majesty, which dropped last Tuesday.

Within the long-stagnant hip-hop landscape of excess and rampant self-referentialism, emcee Ishmael Butler (formerly of Digable Planets) and multi-instrumentalist/producer Tendai Maraire are total renegades. Whereas hip-hop often feels challenging for challenging’s sake, these guys bend and stretch the genre wide open, challenging the listener in a way that is less confrontational and more invitational.

While bearing similarities (on paper) to Madlib and J Dilla, these guys have created a disjointed sound that is completely their own, making comparisons tough. Dark, brooding rhythms consisting of unstable, off-time bass tremors are stitched deeply into an intoxicating swirl of unidentifiable vocal samples. This percolating stew of sound is unexpectedly punctuated by something light and familiar — such as the soft, innocent plucks of the mbira (thumb piano), or a slowly and deliberately tapped steel drum — creating a sonic atmosphere that is simultaneously unsettling and strangely comforting. Drizzled over the top are Butler’s thought-provoking, if sometimes oblique, lyrical runs: “My body traveled / my mind waits behind the music / my crime bemuses / relax inside my shiny blueness.”

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5 Ways To Make Outside Lands Music Festival Better


Kanye West, Tom Petty, Disclosure, hockey-puck sized peanut butter cups, and every type of local micro-beer combined can still culminate in a shitty Outside Lands experience if you’re unprepared.  So don’t be. Water, sweaters, and money are just a few things you’ll need to have for the best festival experience. Here are five tips: Read More


HAMILTON LEITHAUSER’s Gospel at The Chapel


The Walkmen frontman, Indie rock prince and tall glass of water (in the 6’5″ area), Hamilton Leithauser, crooned his debut solo record, Black Hours, within the arches of The Chapel. Backed with The Walkmen’s Paul Maroon, Leithauser was casual and confident, sometimes with a hand in his pocket. He performed seamlessly with a voice you can count on to rise — from a Frank Sinatra, through a Julian Casablancas and around a Chris Martin, with a swagger and plowing yell all his own — barreling through tracks off Black Hours and throwing in some Walkmen classic’s like “We’ve Been Had.”

Black Hours is for all of time: vocals forward, emotional, fun, cool, sometimes with a 40′s-style string session, or a 60′s tambourine, or a dazzling xylophone, or African drumming. The music ranges from get up n’ go to bedtime melodies, while others are haunting, or sunshine daydreamy. The track most remnant of The Walkmen’s rock  is “I Don’t Need Anyone.”

If you have eclectic taste, and you somehow haven’t stumbled upon him yet, you should know and explore Hamilton Leithauser. It’s not EDM, but it will probably get your girlfriend to kiss you harder.


I’m Rick James B*tch! Win 2 Tickets to See Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe Channel Rick James


SFCritic is lucky enough to offer you and one of your “super-freakiest” friends tickets to check Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe with The Very Jane Girls Friday August 8th at the world famous Fillmore.

Those of you who don’t compete in a fantasy saxophone league may be unaware of Karl Denson, but the initiated know him as a jazz and funk saxophone/vocals legend. And if that doesn’t sell you, he also plays a mean flute. Read More


CYMBALS Makes SF Debut With High Energy Set at Rickshaw Stop


Wednesday night we were treated to, UK based, CYMBALS’ first ever stop in SF at RickShaw Stop. While the crowd may have been a bit hesitant, as the Wednesday crowd often is, vocalist and guitarist Jack Cleverly looked to get the crowd going early by immediately hoping off the stage and preforming the beginning of “The End” amongst the fans. As he put it, “…might be Wednesday out there, but we are in here.”

Usually billed as a four-piece, they appeared as a trio dropping a dedicated bassist for the show. Cleverly was joined by Luke Carson, on keys and bass, and drummer, Neil Gillespie. The group played a mix of upbeat dance rock, mixed with darker, more brooding songs like “Winter ’98.” The reverb on the guitar was cranked in that very 80s, drawn-out style that hung in the air after each pluck. Add the pounding drums, synth and keyboard and you got a very rich sound. Every song was a jam, with some pushing the seven or even eight minute mark. You could compare CYMBALS to LCD Soundsystem, Duran Duran or New Order depending upon which song you were hearing at that moment.  Read More


Win Tickets to See Real Estate at The Fillmore


Catch New Jersey chillwavers, Real Estate, perform their latest LP, Atlas, at The Fillmore next Friday and Saturday. Following up their SFCritic favorite albumDays (2011)the group kicks off their US tour here for two nights.

You can win a pair of tickets to see them Friday night (Aug. 1st) by entering below.

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We’ll email the winner next Thursday, so hang tight. Below you’ll find their single, “Talking Backwards” as well as their additional tour dates if you can’t catch’em in SF.
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