Song of the Day: Outside Land Artists The Revivalists “Keep Going”


Today The Revivalists are pulling back the curtains on their new album Men Amongst Mountains. New Orleans is famous for its music and producing acts with HUGE sound. The Revivalists are no exception, ethereal keys and slide guitar give way to horns that hit you like a wall of sound. Vocalist David Shaw’s soulful, sometimes gravelly voice brings all the pieces together.

The whole album is great and makes me want to kick back and relax on a porch and just watch the world go by. Check out the first track on the new album “Keep Going:”

I also highly recommend the track “It Was a Sin.” You can catch The Revivalists next month at Outside Lands Music Festival.

Photo: Travis Shinn


Photos: Phono del Sol 2015 Takes Advantage of SF’s Best Summer Weather


Our friends at The Bay Bridged couldn’t have asked for a better day for their annual Phono del Sol Music Festival. I applied sunscreen twice and still got a nice base burn. While the weather was a great opening act, the true star was the line up of up and coming local acts and high energy headliners.

Phono del Sol is fucking weird and I love it. It has everything you’d expect from a music festival in the Mission. Hipsters in their best Coachella outfits, dogs, little kids running around in the playground, skateboarders at the skate park and food trucks. It’s unique, campy and and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

I’ve decided to do a GIF essay of some of my favorite parts because fuck it, it works for Buzzfeed. If the idea of animated pictures freaks you out you can just scroll all the way down for stills.

Let’s start with this awesome lady kicking ass with a hula hoop. I don’t know what I would look like dancing around with a hula hoop but I am pretty sure I wouldn’t legally be able to do it so close to a park with children. Also shout out to that sweet Sutro Tower tat.
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An Introduction to Dopapod the Jam Scene’s Latest Shredders: An interview with Rob Compa


Dopapod has come a long way from jamming in keyboardist Eli Winderman’s basement in Boston, Mass. Eli, guitarist Rob Compa, bassist Chuck Jones, and drummer Scotty Zwang are bringing their eclectically-influenced jam rock to the west coast, stopping in for a Saturday (July 11) show at the Independent in San Francisco, CA.

My first exposure to Dopapod came in the form of a “Dazed, and Dubfused,” a voiceless, version of a popular Led Zeppelin song in 2011. The song is spacey and a half-step into the weird keys, interchanged with Anastasio influenced guitar. Jamming through a journey of emotions that, ultimately, melted my face.

You could say practice makes perfect for this band. Dopapod has played about 150+ shows a year for the past three years. Primarily in the northeast, and no further west than Colorado. That changed in 2015, now on their first full west coast tour from San Diego to Seattle.

I was lucky enough to speak with guitarist Rob Compa about their hectic schedule, growth as a band, and thoughts on the jam scene in preview of their San Francisco show. Check it out, and don’t forget to pick up your tickets to the show here($13+ fees). Read More

Photos by Victoria Smith

Song of the Day: Strange Talk “Something’s Bout To Change”


I am a big Strange Talk fan. Or is it I was a big Strange Talk fan? They have made some big changes in the last year.

The four piece pop band that was Strange Talk is now a two piece electronic act. I am not trying to come off as harsh because I like the new single “Something’s Bout To Change,” I am just hoping that the new format can continue to capture what I loved about their album Cast Away and the live experience.

I saw them live about a year ago (you can read all my thoughts here) and they were just coming off some major exposure here in the U.S. from a snapchat promotion. What I loved about seeing them live wasn’t necessarily their most popular songs, but the crazy energy they brought and their ability to jam on tracks like “Is It Real?” or “Eskimo Boy.”

I am an optimist and while I will miss the old Strange Talk I am eagerly awaiting more new music from the guys that will blow me away.

Check out the first single “Something’s Bout To Change:”



Seven Things To Look Forward to at Phono del Sol Music Festival Saturday July 11th


We are big fans of The Bay Bridged here at SFCritic. Not only do they spend every day supporting local music here in San Francisco, but they also put on one of the best bang-for-your-buck music festivals in the country. I am of course talking about Phono del Sol Music and Food Festival. There is so much to love about this boutique festival that takes place in the Misson’s perfect little Potrero del Sol.

To celebrate this year’s show I decided to pick an arbitrary number of things I am looking forward to Saturday.

1. I’ll start out with an easy one, co-headliner Tanlines. Tanlines are touring on their new album Highlights released in May. This NYC duo just oozes creativity as can be heard in their music and seen in this incredible Netflix parody created to promote the album. Their electronic blend is hard to categorize, but if I had to describe it I’d say it sounds like Talking Heads recorded an album in a submarine with a sassy robot sidekick from the 80s? Check out “Pieces” off the new record, I can’t wait to hear this one in the afternoon sunshine.

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Jacco Gardner to Induce Flashbacks, Psychedelia at Brick and Mortar This Saturday (June 27)


Jacco Gardner is set to play Brick & Mortar Music Hall tomorrow night (Saturday, June 27), touring in support of his new album, Hypnophobia, which was just released on Polyvinyl Records. Judging by his sound, and the space that is Brick & Mortar, it should make for an incredibly intimate, and I would imagine flooring, experience.

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Day Wave Drops New Single for You To Weekend To


Oakland’s very own Jackson Phillips, aka Dave Wave, released a new single last week called We Try But We Don’t Fit In, and it’s a perfect tune to drift into the weekend to. It’s the kind of song that can maximize any kind of emotion that happens to be influencing you at this moment in time – whether that’s elation from seeing old friends, the flurry of excitement from new relationships, or the comforting buzz of a few cold beers on the beach. A mellow guitar line, simple yet driving, paired with harmonious vocals dipped in falsetto and reverb, this song will help transport you to wherever it is you need to be right now.

If you haven’t given up yet, and are indeed thirsty for more, check out Day Wave’s SoundCloud here.

It’s Saturday, and after reigning victorious over a doomsday-style hangover, you have a drink in your hand, the wind in your face and the sun on your back. You’re a champion, one that can’t be held back – basking in the glory that is 48 hours of pure, unadulterated exemption, free of responsibilities or decision making. Happy weekend, you beautiful Warriors.


Treasure Island Music Festival 2015 Lineup Oct 17-18 + Tickets on Sale Thursday at 10am


Great news for fans of great music and beautiful views, TIMF 2015 lineup is finally here. There is a little something for everyone this year with headliners such as The National, CHVRCHES, Father John Misty and RTJ.

While you might not see as many acts on the lineup at Treasure Island as you would at Outside Lands, you also don’t have to walk half a mile between stages and set times are staggered so you don’t miss any artists.

The whole lineup looks great and they’ve done a good job of balancing electronic and rock. Early tickets will cost you $150 + fees and when those are gone it goes up to $170 + fees. Get Tickets Thursday here.

The National
Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique
The War On Drugs
Azealia Banks
Father John Misty
STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9)
Run The Jewels
Panda Bear
Gorgon City (live)
Jose Gonzalez
Hudson Mohawke
Cashmere Cat
Drive Like Jehu
Lower Dens
Ex Hex
Mikal Cronin
Viet Cong
Bob Moses
Skylar Spence

Check out our pictures from last year here.


Photos: Sufjan Stevens Unites The Fox Theater With a Night of Music and Remembrance


Sufjan Stevens shared a unifying performance with a sold out Fox Theater on June 5th in Oakland. The focus of the evening was his album Carrie & Lowell, in which Stevens explores feelings of love, abandonment, and loss. These themes all revolve around the death of his estranged mother. Emotions were amplified as home movies of a mother and son were projected onto screens that resembled windows of a church.

Stevens brought up the word “sharing” multiple times during a mid-show speech. He questioned our natural tendency to isolate ourselves when facing grief. We all have a shared understanding of grief, and tapping into that can create a sense of community, where we can heal as a whole. Through Stevens’ songs and words, the audience at the Fox Theater was invited to take part in the grieving process as a community of empathy.

At times, during his gorgeous 23 song set, Stevens stood alone under a single spotlight, singing for the loved ones he has lost. Other times, lights and immense noise bombarded the audience, making the show a full body experience. During his song, “Fourth of July,” the line “we’re all gonna die” was repeated as lights flashed onto the passionately attentive crowd. This was a unifying, rather than morbid experience. The sound and force of the performance vibrated the entire Fox Theater as tears rolled down faces in the audience. “We have all lost many things and we all continue to share in each others’ suffering,” Stevens said. We were there that night remembering together. Read More

Miami Horror

Photos: Miami Horror Worth the Wait at The Independent


Miami Horror redefined high energy Wednesday night at The Independent with a raucous set that had the crowd dancing deep into the night. When I say the show was worth the wait I’m referring both to the 11:25 set start time on a school night and the fact that I have been trying to see the group for about four years and kept missing their shows. A few extra yawns on Thursday were definitely worth it to see this band turn the stage and audience into a jungle gym,  blasting our brains with impossibly catchy synth-disco-funk.

Before the show I had the opportunity to interview Ben Plant producer/founder/bassist extraordinaire for the group. He talked about the groups recent move from Australia to LA, and of the journey to find and fine tune their unique sound. Anyone familiar with Australian synth pop will immediately see the similarities between groups like Empire of the Sun, Cut Copy, Gypsy and the Cat, etc. But while Miami Horror can bring down the house with a dance jam just like the others I mentioned, they also bring a unique flair. The disco influence is undeniable and infectious, but what really surprises you is just how psychedelic the guys get up there. It’s feels kind of like that scene in Back to the Future where Marty McFly plays some Van Halen style guitar with the motown band, but in this case they are a disco band and McFly starts jamming some Tame Impala. Read More

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