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Where Surf Meets Blues: A Review of Eyes on the Shore @ Hotel Utah


Heavy reverb. Huge sound. Crashing surf. Drop in some Hendrix-esque guitar licks, heavy bass, an extra floor tom, a clean white Stratocaster…and kaboom, you have Eyes on the Shore. The band headlined Hotel Utah last Saturday night, and all was good — actually, more than all good. The band is gearing up to play Oysterfest in Golden Gate Park this weekend, and rest assured — they’re firing on all cylinders.

For those who don’t know, Hotel Utah is an awesomely tiny venue in SOMA that holds maybe 100 people, and gives an incredible up-close and personal experience with the band. It was the perfect venue to see a band that’s in the early stages of what I like to think will be a long-winded run.

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Watch: A Million Billion Dying Suns Drops New Video For “Hey Man”


Well…it’s about damn time [good] music videos made a comeback. The California-native psychedelic band A Million Billion Dying Suns (AMBDS) just teamed up with French Press Films to release a new video for “Hey Man”, and it’s perfection.

The video takes us on a mustachioed adventurer’s journey through hell and back, in a visually stunning, nightmarish and hallucinogenic portrayal of what it’s like to have your ass kicked by bikers, wizards, and lizard sirens — all to a sublime backdrop of screaming guitar licks and reverb-laden vocals. But don’t worry: our protagonist makes it back to the party just in time to pass out in the bathroom.

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PREMIERE: Mike Sempert strikes gold on his own – Coming to the Rickshaw Stop May 14th


Maybe it’s because Mike Sempert and I are ascending into adulthood at roughly the same time that his album Mid Dream – devoted to this transition, and set to be released May 6 on the Velvet Blue Music label – strikes such a chord. What else is it really that touches us in music though? Isn’t it when, in the midst of a human moment, an artist describes that moment so well that everyone listening who is also in that moment has to scream yes yes yes? To Mid Dream I scream yes yes yes!

After 10 or so years fronting Birds & Batteries, with great local success and a good foothold on the next rung up, Sempert’s struck out on his own. It’s 2014. I have a kid. He’s married. We’re both getting lusciously, ripely into adulthood. Life is more complicated here, and Mid Dream speaks to this with a wise and humble eye. Read More

DWNTWN at Neck of the Woods

DWNTWN Brings Good Vibes and Dreamy Beats to Neck of The Woods


Last friday night, up-and-coming LA-based DWNTWN brought its dreamy synth pop beats to San Francisco’s Richmond district. The dance floor practically vibrated with energy as they brought some of their Southern California vibes to the notoriously foggy Richmond District.

The band started as the duo of Jamie Leffler and Robert Cepeda but now tours as a four piece band with the addition of Chris Sanchez and Dan Vanchieri. Leffler provides airy vocals and a larger than life stage presence that is grounded by Cepeda’s harmonies and biting electronic hooks.

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Back at the Greek, the National’s Older Material Shines

Photographs by Jason Palodino

Photographs by Jason Palodino

The National’s Sunday evening performance at the Greek Theater began the way that countless National shows have begun over the years: with the slow-burning “Start a War.” But where this show differed from many of those performances is that even at the front of the theater, the crowd was a bit sparse. After quickly selling out a Saturday show, the second day was added to lukewarm interest. It was still mostly full, but when’s the last time you could make a beeline to the stage ten minutes before the National play?

While anthemic crowd-pleasers like “Mistaken for Strangers” and “Bloodbuzz Ohio” were as tight as ever, they also felt a bit stale. The formula went roughly like this: Read More

Concert Giveway to See Darkstar at 1015 Folsom


This Thursday you can catch Darkstar perform at 1015 Folsom, as they make their first US appearances since the release of their latest album News From Nowhere. We have a pair of tickets to giveaway, and all you have to do is sign up and activate your subscription for our mailing list. (We’ll announce the winner Wednesday at 5pm PST and make sure to use a valid email, or we won’t be able to contact you!) 

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For those unfamiliar, their music doesn’t fit nicely into one box, but what Warp record signee does. Bending electronic instrumentations into the realm of psychedelic pop, their sound takes a minimalist approach. But hell–who cares about classifications, take a listen to their latest mix below.


Didn’t Even Need the Smoke Machine: A Review of Bombay Bicycle Club @ The Fillmore


A lot of bands claim that The Fillmore is their favorite venue, but for some reason the fact that Bombay Bicycle Club made this proclamation, after wishing everyone a “happy 420,” caused an already euphoric crowd to erupt in what can only be described as sheer ecstasy.

Bombay Bicycle Club played the Fillmore on Sunday, which just so happened to be April 20th — a sacred day here in San Francisco — and could not have shattered every single expectation I had more.

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Disclosure Cures One Man’s Cold – A Review and Photos



On Friday morning I woke up with a scratch in my throat, by night’s end I was running a fever and had little-to-no-energy. No, this isn’t a sympathy call, just an ode to the fairly talented and cohesive UK brothers, Disclosure. Who, after what I gave ‘only’ a slightly above average performance rating at the Treasure Island Music Festival last year, absolutely killed on Friday night at the Greek Theater. Read More

Listen: Flume Releases Official Remix of Lorde’s Tennis Courts After Coachella Buzz


By all accounts (ok–the two people I talked to who saw him at Coachella this year) Flume put on an amazing set, and a highlight was a previously unreleased remix of so-hot-right-now Lorde’s “Tennis Courts.” Yesterday, Flume officially unleashed the mix for your listening pleasure.

Go ahead and take a listen below and don’t be surprised if this ends up being in the artist’s set at Outside Lands coming up in August.

Danger Mouse

Photos: During the Disco, Broken Bells Rock Sold Out Fox Theater


Broken Bells made the Bay Area debut of their new album After the Disco Saturday night at a sold out Fox Theater in Oakland. The seemingly-unlikely duo consisting of Brian Burton (AKA Danger Mouse) and The Shins frontman James Mercer brought the crowd to life with its blend of traditional rock riffs, synth, and samples.

Burton — who is known for pushing the envelope with Gnarls Barkley, The Gorillaz, and, of course, The Grey Album, his reimagining of the Beatles White Album melded with lyrics from Jay Z‘s The Black Album – has found a true partner in Mercer. Mercer’s uncanny ability to hit every note across multiple octaves, especially higher octaves, allows the duo to create music that seems to flow freely in and out of different genres. “Holding on for Life” makes you feel like you are seeing the Gibb brothers in the 70s, and songs like “After the Disco” are right at home in today’s alternative Top 40.

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