Album Review of Titus Andronicus’ Local Business


Even with the release of their third studio album Local Business, it’s hard to pigeonhole Titus Andronicus. After their previous two releases, 2008’s The Airing of Grievances and 2010’s The Monitor, the band became an indie favorite that toured heavily and popped up on ‘Top 10s;’ and yet, they still feel kind of like the Read More

“Cold Dust Girl” and “Neverest” by Hey Champ


Chicago-based Hey Champ has been justifiably blowing up in the blogosphere over the past several months with super-catchy electro synthpop. Just signed to Seattle indie label Townie Records, Hey Champ is headlining this Friday at Rickshaw Stop here in beautiful San Francisco in a “Chicago vs. San Francisco” battle presented by Popscene and featuring several Read More

“In Love, Not Limbo” by Of Oceans


Thanksgiving always seems to bring out the sentiment and nostalgia and wistful regret. So, what better song to accompany those often conflicting feelings and moments than this whimsical cut from Of Oceans, In Love, Not Limbo. Feel not regret. Whether you’re having orphan celebrations far from home or well ensconced in family activities that are Read More

“A Place We Like” by Twin Shadow (feat. Hooray for Earth)


This song is like the apotheosis of some amazing calypso, chillwave dance party music from heaven made by two homies named, respectively, Twin Shadow and Hooray for Earth. It makes complete sense that the name of one involves the word “hooray” because this is some damn peppy music. I think I smiled dumbly for the Read More

Kanye West ft. KiD CuDi and Raekwon “Gorgeous”: Song of the Day


I don’t think Kanye’s profile could get any bigger. After all, during interviews with Matt Lauer, our former president George W. Bush ended up discussing Kanye instead of, say, Iraq or Afghanistan. Say what you will, but Mr. West has managed to reach a point of near complete saturation. Whether its his tweeting, his 34 Read More

Life As A Fish by N.E.R.D.


N.E.R.D. just released a new album, Nothing, that is getting pretty good reviews. I’ve been an avid fan of Pharrell and the gang since “Lapdance” dropped back when I was in high school and it looks like Nothing won’t disappoint. Here is my favorite songs from the album, “Life As A Fish.” N.E.R.D. have never Read More

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