About the SFCritic


About the SFCritic

The SFCritic began in 2008 as a music blog by David Johnson-Igra. Since, it has grown into a source for live coverage and documentation of the Bay Area music scene by the fans and music lovers that take part in it. On a weekly basis, the site covers current music happenings in the Bay Area, previewing and covering shows that are in town with interviews, photographs, reviews, streaming and music. As music fans, we also just love to share the music we’re listening to and banter on about current relevant news.

To share music with us, send it to: team[at]sfcritic[dot]com with the subject line “Music Submission” or (even better) message us on Soundcloud


About the team:

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David Johnson-Igra started SF Critic in 2008. His goal: to be that kid (Cameron Crowe) on “Almost Famous.” A couple of glasses of wine later, a lot of music, and thousands of posts (of all lengths and credibility), David is still dreaming with his pen guiding the way. His work has appeared in VICE, The Huffington Post, SF Weekly, SF Station, The Rumpus and more.


Victoria Smith wiped SFCRITIC’s ass when it was just a baby and nursed it like a mean nun. Since 2001, Victoria has photographed over 500 artists worldwide and is published in books and magazines. A half truth, photos are the only thing that make her remember things. If she didn’t take a photo, she was never there and will act like you are making up stories about her and thoroughly enjoys them. She gravitates towards the music of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Find her work: www.victoriasmithphoto.com


Darryl Kirchner is a freelance filmmaker and photographer with a passion for composition and emotional storytelling through images. He also co-founded the San Francisco based video production company, Bloom, and is the creative director at the digital culture magazine Chromavision. Darryl has been a frequent contributor to both written and photographed content for SF Critic over the past 2+ years, including the Outside Lands Music Festival in 2013 and the Treasure Island Music Festival in 2012. You can check out more of his work at darrylkirchner.com.


Annie Bacon is a short, effusive, grammar geek. She loves music, community, her bodhisattva son, and lists. She’s released five albums of her own, including a folk opera that is being adapted as a puppet show in Brooklyn, NY, and she is very happy to call San Francisco home.


Ryan Holmes is the Creative Director & Senior Photographer at 16th & Broadway, a San Francisco, CA based creative agency. WIth 10+ years in the advertising industry, Ryan, first a graphic designer, learned the art of photography out of necessity when a layout project called for a well lit portrait. His work has been published internationally. Ryan loves: Wine, cheese, sneakers, coffee & a good steak. Ryan hates: “Selfies,” Black Licorice & Flip Flops. Favorite Artists: Radiohead, Jackson 5, The Field,  and Raekwon.


Bob Patterson is a serial quitter of musical instruments, having finally given up his last attempts, the trumpet and drums, in high school. With no musical talent of his own, he enjoys listening to the incredible things others create. San Francisco tech asshole by day, Bob spends his nights writing about and taking pictures for all types of music. A lover of all things synth pop, especially if it’s coming out of Australia. Bug Bob on Twitter.