About Us


SF Critic is not a critic–it’s a voice.

SF Critic is an online music zine that began in 2008 by David Johnson-Igra as an outlet for a bunch of writers and photographers eager to talk music. Originally a blog, the zine took shape as a source for interviews, reviews, and editorials. SFCritic covers an array of music from hip hop, to indie rock, to electronic, to whatever genre we feel best represents our interests.

SF  Critic is not just our voice, it’s our readers’ too. The  “Music Submissions” is our attempt and hope to create a music community by providing a voice for  lesser-known musicians. We encourage readers to give us feedback on our articles because we’re here to talk about music with you, not at you.

Our mission isn’t just to share music but to provide insight into music’s culture and community. For us “rock ‘n roll” or “hip hop don’t stop” aren’t just phrases, they’re ways of life.

Advertising with SF Critic
Please contact David for any advertising or business questions. We will evaluate your offer based on market rates, and will happily provide information on our statistics.

Music Submissions
Please submit all music submissions to David. If you’re interested in having your EP/LP reviewed (we do not accept individual tracks) please send via our Soundcloud account. Please make sure to give us a contact to reach you and be prepared to provide the following:  a bio, album cover photo, and any relevant information including tour dates. If you do not follow these guidelines, your submission will not be considered. Thank you.

Founder & Managing Editor

David Johnson-Igra (david.at.sfcritic.com)

Editorial Contributors

Angela Bacca
Rip Empson
William Clarke
Angela Sobrepena
Eve Marcellus
Joel Churnin
Patrick Kelly

Photography Editor

Victoria Smith
Julie Logan
Darryl Kirchner

Photography Contributors

Patrick Kelly
Eric Lawson
Maggie Percell Corwin
Fabian Molina
Leticia Molina