Song of the Day: Cathedrals’ Dreamy “With You” Reminds us of What Matters Most


For the last few months SF-based Cathedrals has been treating us to new tracks from their upcoming second LP. The duo, Johnny Hwin and Brodie Jenkins, first burst onto the local (then national) scene a few years back combining soothing synth, raw guitar riffs and sultry lyrics in songs like “Harlem” and “OOO AAA.” And in some ways “With You” is most reminiscent of those earlier tracks than the other new singles, but with a maturity in writing that comes with experience.  

It’s interesting how the composition mirrors the message of the lyrics in places. The song centers around Jenkins’ refrain “with you, with you, with you” and the message that people can find solace in each other. Meanwhile the synths and Hwin’s lo-fi guitar build to a hectic web around around the words, a controlled but chaotic soundscape. As the song ends, we again find peace “with you.” In a world that seems increasingly crazy and broken, loving and depending on the people around you is a comforting message.

Check out the song below and keep an eye out for more new music very soon. We also hope to see another Nightingale party! 


Artwork by Jack Vanzet