Tonight @ the Independent: Sinkane gets you moving


Words by Abel Habtegeorgis

Growing up, Sinkane didn’t know a lot of people like him. Born Ahmed Gallab in London England, the younger version of Sinkane moved around quite a bit and lived all over the world, including in Utah where he developed a love of Mondays.

“Best day of the week,” he says enthusiastically during a phone interview with SF Critic. “See in Utah, everything was closed on Sundays so I never got why people called it the first of day of a new week and to me isn’t the right time to start anew anyway”.

Unlike a lot of normal people, Sinkane loves his Mondays and uses the day to recharge and reboot. Makes sense for someone who maintains a grueling tour schedule that has seen him and his band play all over the world at a mind numbing pace.

By the time the internet became widely available, the young teen was already digging for music at neighborhood music shops and would eventually invest hours of his time online listening to music from all over the world to help round out his growingly eclectic taste in music. It was this early discovery experience that would shape his unique sound and consequently his identity.

“I was a freak and would just spend hours, and hours, and hours of time researching songs and talking music. I have found comfort experiencing music and creating community around it,” he noted in an interview.

These early and diverse influences reverberate throughout Sinkane’s music today. Moving through his music is a walk through time and geography. The electronic funk and melodic bass vibrate in songs like “Favorite Song”, “Omdurman” and “Passenger” throughout all of Sinkane’s records taking you from the streets of 90’s London to the villages of 70’s Sudan and back.

So who listens to Sinkane? His following is as diverse as they come.

“I’m quite curious how people are introduced to Sinkane because I truly meet people from all walks of life,” he notes. “ It’s important to me to make sure the music I create is on as many platforms as possible and make sure I too am as accessible as possible.”

But listening to Sinkane’s seems to be only half of what’s needed in order to understand him. Sinkine is best enjoyed live where he is known to dance all over the stage engaging intimately with the revelers. “When I’m performing I work incredibly hard to ensure there is a connection between myself and the crowd. When we’re playing ping pong with our energy—great things happen and I get high off of it.”

On Friday March 3rd Sidkane brings his unique sound to the Independent where you might expect him to shout out some key Bay Area influences “I’m a huge Grateful Dead fan and they are literally one of my favorite bands of all time. Along with Metallica, Sly and the family Stone and Santana there is some magical dust in the air in the Bay and I just love it”

Sinkane will be performing at The Independent tonight – Friday March 3rd.

Photo from press materials.