Round Up: What Tech Blogs Think of Lorde’s New Single “Green Light”


Instead of sharing our thoughts on the Lorde’s highly anticipated new single “Green Light” we thought we would see what some of the top publications in the tech world have to say. This is the first new music from Lorde in about three years and the first off her upcoming album Melodrama.

First up we have The Verge. Like many, the authors are excited for new Lorde after the ground-breaking album Heroine but the reception is timid at best. “The song, “Green Light,” is fine, but this whole thing is kind of like that friend who keeps promising to take you to a great new restaurant, and then when she does — almost four years later — it turns out to be a Chop’t.”

Senior Verge Oreo reviewer Dan Seifert also had this to say:

Business Insider takes a different approach to their review, instead focusing on more of the technical aspects of the new song. We learn that this is Lorde’s first album written and produced with Jack Antonoff of Fun. and Bleachers. There is also a solid breakdown of the songs cadence: ‘The song starts with piano and Lorde’s singing before exploding into a skittering drum beat and a soaring chorus that goes, “I’m waiting for it, that green light, I want it.”‘

In Forbes, we hear more about Lorde’s stylistic evolution, a move from “gloom” to “a more upbeat feeling.” As this writer puts it this all points to a promising if not somewhat overly aggressive future for the star. “She may have changed lanes, but it has now become clear she is driving on her own road, one where there is no room for other pop stars.”

The overall reviews seemed a bit mixed, but it’s clear that the tech world is hungry for more disruption from this 20 year old prodigy from New Zealand.

Editors Note: We will update this post when the coverage from TechCrunch comes in.