Noise Pop 25: Diet Cig Pack Brick & Mortar Music Hall


Noise Pop 25 continued to impress last night at Brick and Mortar with a stellar lineup of female-fronted rock acts. The bill showcased local acts Joyride! and Plush, and they didn’t disappoint the sell out crowd. Joyride! with their fast-paced punk riffs was the perfect appetizer. Plush, which features some familiar faces from The She’s, kept the energy flowing with their brand of rock that seems to borrow from a plethora of genres including shoegaze, psych and maybe even some 90s grunge. The combination of the openers’ playing styles, set the table perfectly for Diet Cig.

The first thing that strikes you about the New York, punk-pop duo is an incredible energy. Vocalist/guitarist Alex Luciano couldn’t wait to get the crowd going, leading a pre-show jumping session to warm everyone up. Things didn’t calm down once the music started as she jumped on and off drummer Noah Bowman‘s kit, her amp and pretty much anything she could throughout the performance. In “Scene Sick” she sings “I just wanna to dance” and everyone at the show can now confirm.

 The other other striking characteristic of Diet Cig is a real sense of honestly. The simplicity of the pop guitar chords, is balanced with lyrics that shift from both deep to superficial, but always seem objectively true. Songs hit topics like hooking up in the back of a car at 16, an ode to Luciano’s dad, and of course heartbreak.The duo’s newest release “Tummy Ache” is a great example of the in-your-face honestly of their songwriting.

Luciano sings about her experiences as a young woman in an industry, and lets face it world, dominated by male expectations. The first verse sets the scene, “Well, I’m just a kid, a girl, a runt/ And I’m starting to get real sick of/ Trying to find my voice/ Surrounded by all boys.” The chorus drives home the point, “And my stomach hurts/ ‘Cause it’s hard to be a punk while wearing a skirt.” While sexism is obviously still a huge problem in the music world, Diet Cig calling it out and Noise Pop booking shows that highlight so many talented women is a step in the right direction.

Diet Cig announced on stage they will return to SF in April and I’d highly recommend you put on your best jumping shoes and check them out.


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