Photos: Andra Day Rises Up at The Fillmore


If, like me, you are one of the 85% of San Franciscans who voted for Hillary Clinton, this has been a sad week. Personally, I’m broken down. I’m tired. Sometimes there are things bigger than music. Some days you wake up and there is no fighter in you. Every now and then the Spotify plays, the PRmachine, and the music reviews need to pause as we realign our worldview.

I could write about Andra Day’s at times spellbinding, performance at San Francisco’s Fillmore on Sunday night but today that feels inappropriate. At a time when part of America is finding it hard to breathe, when part of the American dream may potentially be taken away from marginalized communities, from women and people of color, I feel like there are more important things to write about (and for better writers to do it than I).

However, in the words of Andra Day’s Grammy-nominated single, we will rise up. We will rise like the day. We will rise unafraid. While it may feel like over 50 million people legitimized hate on Tuesday, we will rise in spite of the mental, physical and emotional ache. We have hope. We have each other. And with that, we will be even stronger than we were before. Music is important, and I hope this motivates many more musicians to put their feelings down in words and create the anthems the country needs. I hope this election result empowers Chole x Halle, the teenage sister group who opened up for Andra Day, to make music that matters to them.

This may not be a day to focus on music, however, it is a day I hope musicians like Andra Day will use for inspiration to create the soundtrack for a generation which is sorely needing hope.