Wet Release New Songs “The Middle” and “Turn Away” Ahead of Mezzanine Show 11/4


Indie electronic trio Wet has blessed our Friday with a couple of new tracks. For those unfamiliar with the Brooklyn-based group, its brand of electronic pop drips with emotion, often using sparse tracking and haunting, melancholy lyrics to evoke strong feelings. Wet released Don’t You, its debut LP earlier this year featuring updated recordings of some earlier singles and new music. Yesterday The Fader debuted even more new music for 2016; singles “The Middle” and “Turn Away” ahead of the upcoming show at Mezzanine November 11th.

Wet recieved a lot of early buzz when they released their self-titled EP a few years ago, and have grown into this initial recognition. Every time they release music, you can hear a real evolution in the production and every time I see them live they become more comfortable in their own skin. “The Middle” does a great job of showcasing singer Kelly Zutrau’s vocal range, from her unmistakable rich, husky midrange to a falsetto that cuts through the synths and echoing beat.

“Turn Away” is about as close to a ‘banger’ as you will get from an act like Wet. Besides the deep ebb and flow of the bass, my favorite feature is the syntax and delivery of the lyrics. The vocals add another layer of percussion with each syllable.

Wet is touring now and is supposed to be featuring some cool new lighting at their shows. Tickets are on sale for Wet with Demo Taped Friday November 11th for $22 plus fees and you can get them here.

Photo Bob Patterson, Outside Lands 2016