Mild High Club Brings Psychedelic Fever Dream to The Chapel for Record Release Show Friday 8/26


The first time you hear Mild High Club you’ll get a sense of both familiarity and discovery. There’s something both uncomfortable and undeniably attractive about pairing 70s lounge-jazz progressions with time-expanding distortion and psychedelic elements. Mild High Club creates the perfect soundscape to escape reality and explore your mind.

Founded and led by Alexander Brettin, the LA-based act is headlining The Chapel Friday night as a release party for its second album Skiptracing. Brettin’s history comically parallels Anchor Man’s Ron Burgundy; a jazz flutist who finds his style and place in southern California. Of course this is an over simplification, but Brettin’s mastery of jazz technique is evident throughout his catalogue of work.

I’ve been listening to Skiptracing for the past few weeks and it showcases both the maturation and prolific potential of Mild High Club. The debut album Timeline was released in 2015 after three years of tinkering, just a year later we already have the follow up. One of the standout tracks from Skiptracing is the second single “Homage” which itself plays homage to the harpsichord, simultaneously the most whimsical and demonic sounding instrument. A steady drum beat and vocal harmonies are a call back to the classic jams of acts like ELO. Check it out for yourself:

Skiptracing is available Friday August 26th from Stones Throw Records. Come check out Brettin and the rest of Mild High Club Friday night at The Chapel. Al Lover and Once and Future Band are opening all for the low, low price of $12. Grab your ticket here.

Photo Credit: Sam Shea