Photos: Birdy warms a Sunday night at The Fillmore


She was writing songs from the age of 8, was spotted online thanks to a cover of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love at 12, and then signed her first record deal at 14. Now twenty, British singer-songwriter Birdy already feels like a veteran in the music industry. Her latest album, Beautiful Lies, for many serves as a coming of age album – full of the worldly knowledge and a reassured sense of confidence.

On Sunday night, she stopped by the Fillmore for the San Francisco leg of her U.S. tour. It was a diverse crowd inside the historic venue; from old to young, the cool kids to the socially awkward, Birdy seems to bring everyone together.

Settled behind the keys for much of the show it was her voice which captured the audience. It is a gentle yet assured sound which makes you want to listen. Indeed, her rendition of “Beautiful Lies” stunned the audience into silence – quite a feat for a sold-out venue. Other music highlights included an endearing version of “Lost It All.”

Every now and then she freed herself from behind the piano, and these moments added an extra sense of intrigue to the proceedings, with her band able to let loose a little bit more.

Known for singing covers, she closed out the show with perhaps the one she is most famous for; “Skinny Love.” She graced the stage solo for what was an affecting performance. Silence filled the floor once again and all you could hear were Birdy’s haunting vocals. It was a beautiful moment to end a surprisingly diverse show.

As I wandered out of The Fillmore into the chilly San Francisco night, I couldn’t stop thinking about how talented Birdy is at twenty and started to get excited for the next twenty years of music ahead.