Gringa defends their hyphens victoriously – @ Elbo Room 6/7


In today’s music world, and especially in the Bay Area, there’s no shortage of musical fusion projects. From indie-pop, to folk-punk to afro-carribean-folk-jazz, pretty soon there won’t be any hyphens left for the rest of us.

A lot of these genres fuse wonderfully, like coffee and cream. But some fuse more like coffee and fish tacos. Independently, both very delicious. But if you try to dunk your fish taco in my coffee, I will karate chop you in the neck.

Thus I approached Gringa with some trepidation. An all-female San Francisco based band, fronted by a Canadian, that claims to blend Brazilian, Latin, funk and rock music. My karate chop was quivering with anticipation.

But within about 12 seconds of putting on their sassy new single, “I’ma Build a House”, my fears (and karate chop) were put to rest. This is not some incoherent hyphen orgy, this is real, honest, and to my surprise, authentic sounding, musical project. Blistering sax solos, tight female vocal harmonies, and all manner of percussion from the Southern Hemisphere are nestled into an irresistible Brazilian groove. The results of which are as refreshing as a sweet iced Yerba Mate on a hot Rio de Janeiro day.

Gringa will be playing at the Elbo Room June 7 at 9pm as support for Bay Area world fusion band Camino.

Gringa “I’ma Build A Home”

Write up by Joey Coe
Press photo by Sarah Ritterscamp