Photos: Big Wild Ends Tour With a Bang at The Independent


Those lucky enough to score tickets to Big Wild’s sold-out set were treated to a high-energy dance party, that frankly had no business going down on a Sunday. Either no one else had work on Monday, or they plain just didn’t care. Either way, they were dancing their asses off, and the crowd barely thinned, even as it approached the early hours of Monday morning.

For his part Jackson Stell, AKA Big Wild, was there to party with us. He was celebrating a successful headlining tour which saw him sell out the whole weekend at The Independent. Jackson alternated between his electronic drum pads where he hammered out beats, and a wonderfully low tech cajón that would make any drum circle proud. All the while, his curly mop of hair bounced to the beat and basically completely obscured his face for the whole show.

Last week we had a chance to ask Jackson a few questions about his style and live instrumentation. He told us how well mid-2000s hip hop worked with his almost tropical beats, and didn’t disappoint with live mashups of his compositions and raps by Rich Boy and Ludacris. He ended with an extended play of his hit single “Aftergold” including new verses from Swedish singer Tove Styrke. Check out our interview to hear the song and learn more about what make Big Wild tick here.

See the wildness for yourself in our photos below and don’t miss Big Wild on his next tour of the Bay.