Song of the Day: “Honey” by Kendra McKinley


Kendra McKinley is a rising star in San Francisco. With a songwriting style that is at once nostalgic and futuristic, she is carving out quite a niche. Take a look/listen to her newest release “Honey” (off the upcoming TREAT, due this month) in which she visually and sonically invokes a ‘Mad Men meets the Mission’ universe. You’ll hear chamber pop, hints of her classical guitar training, and a 007 vibe on this track. Tuesday night she shared a bill at the Make-Out Room with Foxtails Brigade, and in some senses this song seems like a brighter take on a that band’s approach to music-making: well-crafted melodies moving in unexpected directions, arrangements twisting and lilting before jumping. Both bands write songs that abandon most traditional rules while still managing an impressive accessibility. Check out the video, and follow along with Kendra via her website or on Facebook.