Playing what the band called their first ever show in San Francisco, these Los Angeles transplants played to an enthralled sold out crowd at The Fillmore last Sunday night.

The Last Shadow Puppets, the brainchild of Brit’s Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) and Miles Kane (The Little Flames, The Rascals), came out blazing in their 70’s styled butterfly collar suits. The crowd was eager to get a close up glimpse of Turner following his mega stadium and festival success with The Arctic Monkey’s 2013 album AM.

Rather than returning that love from the crowd, it seemed Turner’s attention was honed in on his BFF Kane. The two were inseparable on stage, constantly minding exactly where the other was, like two dancers always anticipating their partner’s next move. Having read a few disses to them regarding their chemistry, I found it refreshing to see the two band mates get on so well. Turner made sure everyone knew Kane’s name by reintroducing or praising him between tracks while also dipping his own balls in rock n roll concrete (so-to-speak) and presenting his altar ego showmanship through his own wild eyed performance.

Instead of turning off, the mutual interest only turned on the screaming, mostly female, fans in a way only The Beatles could muster. Turner tried his best Elvis impression as well as any British kid could while Kane played his best Pete Townsend as the band floated through tracks from both 2007’s super 60’s infused Age Of The Understatement and their newest record out now on Domino Records Everything That You’ve Come To Expect.

The new album was received well however it was clear the crowd was there to hear tracks like “Standing Next To Me” and  “Age Of The Understatement” as opposed to the somewhat off-putting “Bad Habits”.

For the final encore, the band blew everyone’s mind and did the unthinkable by living up to what they were putting out and playing the best cover of The Beatles “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”  I have ever heard.

By Emmanuel Castro

Photos by Victoria Smith