Photos: Miike Snow Pack a Festival-Sized Show Into The Independent


It’s been a few years since Miike Snow made an appearance in San Francisco (check out my previous story to learn what they’ve been up to) and they really pulled out all the stops on this trip. SF folks know The Independent is a great venue to catch an act. The acoustics and lighting are fantastic, and with a capacity of 500 it has an intimate feel. When a large act like Miike Snow plays such a small venue you know you are in for an insane show.

Visually the show was both amazing and absurd. It looked like they put their whole AV setup for their upcoming Coachella show on stage including massive metal towers covered in LCD panels, guitar stands, drum set and each performers massive musical “battle stations.” While the visuals were super interesting, the light show was almost too much to take at times in such a cozy venue. This was also the most packed show I’ve ever seen at the Independent, and I’ve been to plenty of sold out shows there before. I guess sometimes shows sell out but not everyone attends, this place was right at capacity. The experience was definitely unique in its excess.

Musically, they did a great job of mixing in new material like “Trigger” and “Genghis Khan” from iii with favorites like “Silvia” and “Burial.” There weren’t many surprises in the setlist, but no fan could have left disappointed. To end the show they made sure to showcase their Swedish house credentials with an insane mix of “Animal” that topped 10 minutes.

If you missed them this time around you can see them the next two Sunday’s at Coachella or back here in SF for Outside Lands 2016.