Song of the day: Happy Hollows’ “Way Home” gets you into the weekend


Do you ever have things you keep meaning to do and then keep not-doing and then suddenly when you do it, you realize that you were perhaps cosmically meant to do it at that time and place and none other?  Well … welcome to Happy Hollows‘ “Way Home”, released in late February and only now being shared with you. It was meant for today. Bright shining sky. Friday. This is the song that you need to propel you into this very weekend. You can thank my overcrowded brain later for this impeccable timing.

Unbelievably catchy and hook-filled, this song weaves vocal melancholy with bright synth staircases that lift you up and out of the depths. It feels at once nostalgic and futuristic.  Standing out are guitarist and vocalist Sarah Negahdari’s rich and nimble phrasing on both instruments — vocally somewhere between The Pretenders’ Chrissy Hinds and My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Nova — and the drumming by Daniel Marcellus — cracking and romping decisively and reminding me of the difference between the machines and the humans. The drums wax polyrhythmic and I lean closer to the shimmering possibilities of my weekend.

The song – and presumably others – was just recorded and mixed between Los Angeles and London in collaboration with Lewis Pesacov (Best Coast) and Gareth Jones (Grizzly Bear, Interpol, Depeche Mode).


Happy Hollows – “Way Home”