SONG OF THE DAY: Foxtails Brigade “Nun But The Lost”


Foxtails Brigade is gearing up to release a full-length album on April 8th on OIM Records (US) and Rallye Label (Japan). They dropped their second single “Nun But The Lost” yesterday and it’s a sonic adventure, changing keys 15 times (I could only track 12), twisting and turning through its themes with bravado and brass.

This band is spectacular, and each release teases of an explosive album to come. The first, “We are not ourselves,” delivered the haunting, music-box sound the band is known for. Like other strange birds before them – think Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom (whose “Book of Right On” the band covered a few months ago) – Foxtails Brigade is teeming with talent and not trying to accommodate any prescribed notions of genre.

With this second release, the band shows off both this talent and a theatricality that suits it. One moment it’s horses and valleys and a bright sunny instrumentation and the next grinding “with the rust and the rubble” as chunky tones and grungy guitars take over. Before a breath is gone, the next peak or valley has been reached. On and on the song goes with singer Laura Weinbach dexterously positioning her voice, and its unmistakable timbre, as a melodic narrator.

Clearly not intended to lull you into a quiet calm, this track will likely delight and amuse any ear that gives it a moment of listening. The band headlines the Swedish American Music Hall – co-presented by OIM Records and Noisepop – on Friday March 25th. Tickets are here.

Foxtails Brigade – “Nun But The Lost”