Photos: Phoebe Ryan Shines at Sold Out Regency Ballroom


Phoebe Ryan kicked off on tour (in support of Charlie Puth) on Thursday night in San Francisco. After finding acclaim with her carefree twist on R. Kelly’s “Ignition”, she released her debut EP, Mine, last summer. With it she was able to start defining her own space in and among a number of super-talented female singers at the moment; her relatable songwriting helping her to appeal to both the cool kids and the misfits.

This translates in to her performance with a likable and friendly stage presence. Singing to a sold out Regency Ballroom her set had the vibrancy of one in a much smaller venue. It started brightly with “Dead”; its big chorus filling out the space after the gentler intro.

Looking around you could see a dispersed number of fans singing along as if it were her own show. Her live sound balances on the thin line between pop and indie; the more pop leaning audience in attendance appearing to quickly latch on the rebelliousness in the music.

By the third song she had converted any of the non-believers left standing. A seemingly spontaneous showing of mobiles phone lights rippled through the crowd and spread. More turned on as she continued; the people in the front row unaware of what was happening behind them. Its organic growth made the moment even more poignant. People being swept away in the moment.

There was also time for new music, “Be Real”, offered a slightly darker sound, its filling and broad bass line signaling a slight change of direction, with one foot tiptoeing in to future and the other holding on to the things which makes her loved by a wide audience.

“Ignition” was fun with much of the crowd responding to her call for them to “go bananas!” and her latest single, “Chronic”, (released on March 4th) went down with aplomb.

Her short set was vibrant, exciting and had all the ingredients of a divergent pop star in the making. Looking forward to seeing what surprises she has in store as Phoebe Ryan is a name I am sure we will be hearing a lot more from in 2016.