Sángo Brings Brazillian Fire to Noise Pop


Friday night, Sángo dropped in on 1015 Folsom for one of the most wild, transformative nights of Noise Pop 2016. Here’s what we loved…

As always, the line at 1015 Folsom moved fast the minute the doors cracked. Gunkst and Danny Majik were massaging the vibes to life in the front bar room and upstairs. A quick scan for the feels around 1015 would uncover the top dance floor going off with a thriving dance party. The gravity of this entertainment was worth losing friends for a moment to sip and spectate, or go all in.

Drifting out across the catwalk provided a semi-aerial view of the main room, where Sángo would later appear. The stage had been prepped for a live set with keys, drums, etc. DJ Dials and BOGL took turns mixing next level beats from a corner table on-set. The crowd flourished and thickened, especially once Dials introduced Maségo and the Trap House Band.

Then, Maségo melted people at 1015. He opened heart valves with his sax. His fingers also flew across keys alongside the talented Trap House Band. By the last song, Maségo ended up on his back, writhing with his music, reaching up, nailing the finish on his keyboard solo, blind.

Maségo was energized and kept the night primed, but it was Sángo’s night.Think of Brazilian baile funk laid thick over trap qualities; the result is Sángo’s signature dance music. Sángo recently toured six days in Brazil, where he was embraced by the birthplace of his largest influencer, Baile Funk.

From the first beat-drop, the impact of that recent Brazillian tour was apparent. Sángo’s electricity flowed from his recently-charged core. The fire has definitely been fed. When he wasn’t mixing sounds off his latest album drop, he reached back to draw from Terror Squad (think “Lean Back ”) and Missy Elliott (“Get Ur Freak On”), each hook and beat remixed to Sángo’s pace. He kept the RPM’s sauced up for a full ninety minutes, then stamped the finish with E-40’s voice gracing the monitors. House lights dilated pupils and Sángo left the bay chanting for more. Masego stayed for selfies.

Watch footage of Sángo’s trip to Brazil here: