Tonight! Let’s Dance – A David Bowie Tribute Party With Queen Bitch, Kendra McKinley, DJ Omar and More


Very few people touched as many lives in as many different ways as David Bowie. You may know him as the legendary singer-songwriter that inspired generations of other artists, as the Goblin King, as a fashion and LGBT icon, as a video game pioneer, or simply as Starman. For us earthlings Bowie is more than an artist, his influence reaches into the fabric of our cultural existence. There are many out there who are more qualified and more capable of eulogizing the man so I prefer to celebrate him instead I’m going to focus on enjoying his music and dancing my ass off, and thats exactly what I’ll be doing tonight at Rickshaw Stop.

Tickets are stupid cheap at $10. Buy them here.

Let’s Dance- A David Bowie Tribute is a fitting homage to a man who was always looking to push the limits of the music industry and nurture the growth of artists everywhere. It says everything about Bowie that not only did he release an album right before his death, but he was actively planning his next works in the final few days. Tonight we will be treated to a fantastic group of musicians from all walks of life coming together to celebrate an irreplaceable pillar of pop.

Anchoring the night is Queen Bitch a tribute act which includes members from several local acts and fronted by Roberto Baldwin of North American Scum. Besides a badass parade in NoLa, I am pretty sure nothing would make Bowie happier than people coming together to celebrate his music, life and love (it is almost Valentines after all). I’m not sure what exactly to expect from the set, but I did get a shot of the band preparing via band member Doug MacMillan.12717328_10154571669284616_3890659925897097040_n

Joining Queen Bitch are some great local acts. First I have to give a shout out to DJ Omar of Popscene fame who will keep the party going all night. Also I have to mention Kendra McKinley who has an amazing and soulful vocal range. I can’t wait to see what songs she choses to sing in Bowie’s honor.

We will also have sets from SF locals Dangermaker and Oakland’s Wiskerman, who I must admit I don’t personally know, but all my coolest Facebook friends like them so they must rock.

Let’s Dance. Put on your red shoes and dance the blues. Celebrate Bowie and life at Rickshaw Stop tonight!