The Lovemakers + Scissors for Lefty @ Bottom of the Hill cancer fundraiser


F*ck Cancer. Seriously. Indiscriminately grabbing at our loves and lives and wreaking havoc. In the midst of the turmoil cancer brings into a person’s life – and that of their family and friends – local non-profit entertainment organization Alternative Cure seeks to bring music by providing free tickets to concerts … and thus a moment’s reprieve from the stress.

Wednesday January 27th, the group will host the cult-classic new wave band The Lovemakers as well as indie pop darlings Scissors for Lefty — both of whom always seem like they are having the most fun possible — and DJ Aaron Axelson (host of Live 105, and curator of Popscene) at Bottom of the Hill. This venue is one of my favorites for its (typically) excellent sound and uncanny ability to feel both glorious and grimy. Tickets are in the $15-20 range, with proceeds from the show going towards cancer research and advocacy efforts for families and individuals impacted by the disease. This show will be hella fun and danceable.

Alternative Cure has a limited number of FREE tickets for cancer patients and their families – reach out to them at info (at) altcure (dot) org. And if you are one of those who plan to reach out for these tix, please give yourself a BIG HUG from us (who can’t imagine what you’re going through right now) and take a moment to read this next sentence out loud while looking in a mirror: “I’m a warrior and cancer is a wet piece of paper that I will metaphorically crush with my bare hands. Cancer will lose. I will win.” And may it be so, friend.

“By using the gift of music to lift the spirit, we want to provide an opportunity to live in the moment and create a lasting memory with your loved ones.” Alternative Cure founder Maggie Corwin.

THE LOVEMAKERS- “Everyone’s Fighting The Same Damn Fight”