SONG OF THE DAY: “Darkness in me” by Eight Belles


Eight Belles, a band named for a prize race horse, is settled in Santa Rosa making a sweet Americana sound that is ripe with talent and impossible to resist. Evoking at once the classic richness of Patsy Cline, the sweeping emotional vocal twists of Neko Case, and the highly literate songwriting of Jenny Lewis or Iron & Wine‘s Sam Beam, this is a band to get to know.

Along with multi-instrumentalist Henry Nagle, this duo is releasing a full length album tomorrow on Saint Rose Records. Have a listen to the first release “Darkness in me.”

“Why did you wait for me? / I wouldn’t wait for you / If you did the things to me / That I did to you.” Stinging sweetness oozes from this song. It brings to mind the Tom Waits quote: “I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.”

Phillips says of the album:

“For a few weeks, I was working on a song with the line ‘my old life has become my whole life’,” says Phillips. “I never finished that song, but you could say that’s the central theme of the whole album. I think as I entered my thirties, I needed to make sense of all the important relationships of my twenties. There’s also a lot of references to home on this record, as I try to figure out where my home really is, especially as the Bay Area becomes an increasingly difficult place to live.”

We look forward to hearing the full album. Meanwhile, Eight Belles celebrates the release of the album with a show at The Rickshaw Stop on Thursday (12/10) along with Cave Clove and The Young Elders.

Press photo by Kelley Larson
Write up by Annie Bacon / @anniebacon