The Bay Bridged Celebrates 10 Years Promoting Local Music, Needs Your Support


Fostering growth in the Bay Area music scene can be a thankless endeavor, especially when you are a working nonprofit like The Bay Bridged. For the past 10 years they haveĀ fostered the creative scene with writing, and volunteer-run events like Phono del Sol Music Festival.

Today they need help from the community to continue to be a driving force for local music. As a volunteer writing siteĀ ourselves we know that to do anything at scale you need help and resources. The Bay Bridged has created an Indiegogo campaign to reach their goal. Check it out here and check out the video below.

The Bay Bridged 2015 Year End Fundraiser from The Bay Bridged on Vimeo.

Additionally they are throwing an event next Tuesday (Dec 1st) at Cease and Desist in La Mission. You can support them by buying a ticket and helping yourself to cocktails and small bites. Event tickets start at $60 and are available here.

It’s not a grand revelation to say that its hard right now for local talent. If you love local arts find a way to support them whether its via donations, patronage or other creative means.