SONG OF THE DAY: “Glory Days” by 1955


Check out this video from Bay Area band 1955, weaving a tight rock n roll sound that throws back (and sideways) to Nick Cave, The Strokes, The Black Keys and even some new wave vibes. The video cultivates the song’s wicked hook and plays out in vivid Palm Springs detail the irony of the song. Where at first it seems like singer Sasha Papadin is truly reveling in the good life, that image is slowly diluted by insinuations lyrically and visually that maybe the whole idea of “Glory Days” is a sham, brought down upon us from our Capitalist Overlords. (As an interesting side note, Papadin is the son of a Russian poet, Valentin Papadin, who defected from the communist Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War.)

The success of a video like this one is that I immediately want to watch it again. But not just to take in the story again with this new lens – which only makes the video better and better with each watch; it’s also to get another dose of the tune, which I, at least, find rather infectious.

1955 play Brick & Mortar next week on Friday the 20th. Tickets here.

“Glory Days” – 1955