SONG OF THE DAY: Foxtails Brigade inject ghosts into Joanna Newsom’s “Book of Right On”


If you know local band Foxtails Brigade (OIM Records) — whose career got a boost recently when their video for “Far Away And Long Ago” won the a Best Music Video Award at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival — you know that they have an uncanny ability to make creepy sound beautiful. Their cover of Joanna Newsom‘s quirky and sparse “Book of Right On,” released today, does just this, paying homage while injecting haunting echoes and empty spaces in a terrifically beautiful way.

No one will argue that Joanna Newsom is a brilliant musician, but many people are turned off by her warbly voice. (Personally I love it.) Foxtails Brigade’s lead singer (and songwriter) Laura Weinbach’s smooth and controlled voice blasts that concern out of the park. It is underpinned by her distinctive guitar plucking reminiscent (in the best way) of a barely functioning music box that lets loose a few notes at midnight when insomnia is plaguing the house. (Weinbach’s the Hollywood-born daughter of a horror film maker and cult comedian.) Washed in and then stripped of a dozen other plucking sounds – the blerping of a space machine, a glockenspiel, distorted guitar wahs – the song keeps a percussive, staccato feel while still feeling orchestral as the lead melody strings us along. This is gothic folk at its best. Have a listen below and tell us if you agree. (You can also download the song for free via Soundcloud.)

They are playing Amnesia on Friday October 30th, but are headed for much bigger stages. Catch them in this intimate setting while you can. Foxtail Brigade puts on an incredible live show full of musical prowess.

Annie Bacon / @anniebacon