Ticket Giveaway 10/16: Aussie Duo Strange Talk’s New Look, New EP and New Single “Jive”


Friday October 16th is a big day for Australia’s electronic duo Strange Talk, it marks the culmination of a period of reinvention for the young act. We want you to be there to hear their new sound on the day release their new EP at Rickshaw Stop. We have two pairs of tickets for this show so your odds of winning are doubled!

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When we last saw Strange Talk here in SF May 2014 they were a four piece indie-synth-rock act, riding a big wave of publicity after having their single “Young Hearts” pushed to millions of Snapchat users around the world. But one hit doesn’t make a band a success, and they were savvy enough to evolve their music and act.

Their story is familiar to anyone who knows the music industry and the factory atmosphere around many up-and-coming groups. Two guys who love to make music, but who get lost in the world label pressure, management and constant touring. I highly recommend you read about their journey as told to Tone Deaf.

On Friday October 16th we get our first taste of the duo as they emerge leaner, dance-ier and perhaps even stranger. The shift allows frontmen Stephen Docker and Gerard Sidhu to focus more on songwriting and production. While I will miss the live instrumentation, I haven’t been able to stop listening to the new E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N EP since I got an early listen last month.

Today we get another new taste of the EP with “Jive.” This is a banger, and really demonstrates how far the group has come. The track has more in common with Justice than anything on 2014’s Cast Away. Check it out below:

Enter to win tickets above, you can also buy tickets for $13 plus fees here.

Photo by Jesse Obrien