Song of the Day: “Gone” by JR JR (FKA Dale Earnhardt JR JR)


There is a lot going on so far in 2015 for Detroit’s Josh Epstein and Daniel Zott. This summer they made the big decision to chop down their name from Dale Earnhardt JR JR to just JR JR. They will test the new name for the San Francisco audience October 9th at Great American Music Hall (tickets for $20 plus fees here).

When I talked to Josh Epstein about the name in 2014 he said: “We never really considered another name. It all happened so quickly. We wanted a name that we felt wouldn’t pigeon hole us and it came up and was over in 15 minutes.” Name changes are risky for bands who have already established themselves, but for them the name was never the point.

Not wasting any time they have already released a couple singles under the new moniker. The first singe “Gone” debuted in July, so I am a little late to the game. “Gone” proves that the guys are still trailblazing their own style of music, far from being ‘pigeon holed.’ They play a style of electronic rock that feels old at its core, but at the same time totally experimental. Kind of like listening to an old Beach Boys cassette as it melts in a hot car. They put on a great live show including sax solos, and love to sample their own vocals and pull and stretch them into the hooks for their songs.

Check out “Gone” below and check out our photos from their show here in 2014 here.