Photos: Bag Raiders Bring the Heat to Popscene at Rickshaw Stop


Electronic duo Jack Glass and Chris Stracey are used to playing some of the biggest clubs and venues around the globe and have been creating tracks together for nearly a decade. Even with years of performing under their belts and the relatively small size of the Rickshaw Stop, they seemed to be a little nervous during the first minute of their set Friday. Why? This was only the third show they had played in the past three and a half years live, and I would guess the first time they played in SF with full instrumentation.

I’ve seen them DJ before but I’d never even heard of the guys playing live so personally I was excited. After taking the stage they immediately dove into “Waterfalls” the new single off the EP of the same name. We wrote about the song last week and it’s a great representation of what makes them top producers. They take worldly musical themes and combine them with amazing samples to get people move their ass on the dance floor.

The crowd was a bit overwrought with bros which I had not expected. There was a weird section of guys dancing with hoodies and sunglasses on sloshing beer everywhere and even an uncomfortable mosh pit right before the set. But overall people were just there to dance and get weird. Bag Raiders supplied the fuel, playing several songs off their album Bag Raiders including hit “Sunlight” about halfway through the set. As they began to play their hits, any hesitation or nervousness disappeared and they donned the big smiles I am used to seeing when they perform.

My favorite of the set was “Wonderland,” another new track off Waterfalls. I think the song has a lot of potential to be another hit for the guys. It features a big, brassy synth hook, crisp vocals interspersed with falsetto and a multilayered beat chock-full of bright samples. They definitely played all the jams the crowd was looking for, including “Fun Punch” and closed with mega-hit “Shooting Stars.”

Check out “Wonderland” and our photos below.