Photos: Phono del Sol 2015 Takes Advantage of SF’s Best Summer Weather


Our friends at The Bay Bridged couldn’t have asked for a better day for their annual Phono del Sol Music Festival. I applied sunscreen twice and still got a nice base burn. While the weather was a great opening act, the true star was the line up of up and coming local acts and high energy headliners.

Phono del Sol is fucking weird and I love it. It has everything you’d expect from a music festival in the Mission. Hipsters in their best Coachella outfits, dogs, little kids running around in the playground, skateboarders at the skate park and food trucks. It’s unique, campy and and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

I’ve decided to do a GIF essay of some of my favorite parts because fuck it, it works for Buzzfeed. If the idea of animated pictures freaks you out you can just scroll all the way down for stills.

Let’s start with this awesome lady kicking ass with a hula hoop. I don’t know what I would look like dancing around with a hula hoop but I am pretty sure I wouldn’t legally be able to do it so close to a park with children. Also shout out to that sweet Sutro Tower tat.

New York based VÉRITÉ made her San Francisco debut. I’m not going to lie I have been listening to her new EPSentiment a lot recently and it made my day to hear “Colors” and “Wasteland” live. I loved seeing her this weekend but I am really looking forward to seeing her in club with a more sophisticated sound system.

My only big gripe with the festival was how horrible the beer lines were. I get that you don’t want thousands of drunks, but 30 minute lines for a beer is pretty rough. On the bright side once we got our beers everyone seemed pretty happy, including SFCritic’s Paul Chalker.

SF band HEARTWATCH took the stage just as the the crowd started to really build. I have seen them several times in the past but this was their first show outdoors as they prepare to play Outside Lands in August. “Fireproof” was a crowd favorite, but I was also intrigued to hear some new music that will be coming out on their upcoming debut LP.

Generationals put on a great show. No strangers to SF they recently played The Chapel and mentioned they were grateful to be here avoiding the oppressive NOLA heat. They are one of those bands that people may not recognize right away but most people have heard at least a couple of their songs like “When They Fight, They Fight.”

The best set in my opinion was King Tuff. The energy was electric, the sound was absolutely dialed in and people were going CRAZY. I am not sure there has ever been a mosh pit before at Phono del Sol, I don’t remember one in the years I’ve been. Also, King Tuff really likes biting shit including someone’s Giants hat from the crowd.

These girls were certainly into it. I am not sure the security guard was as impressed.Spinning girls

Tanlines closed out the show this year, playing crowd favorites and new songs off their recently album Highlights. They cracked a few jokes about how weird it is for them to play during the day, but seemed to be pretty energized by the perfect weather. They got cut off right at 6:30pm and tried to come back for an encore, but got shut down by the festival. A bummer and a crime against music, but I’d rather got to Phono del Sol 2016 then have them get fined for one more song.

Until next year. Smell ya later Phono del Sol.