Song of the Day: Strange Talk “Something’s Bout To Change”


I am a big Strange Talk fan. Or is it I was a big Strange Talk fan? They have made some big changes in the last year.

The four piece pop band that was Strange Talk is now a two piece electronic act. I am not trying to come off as harsh because I like the new single “Something’s Bout To Change,” I am just hoping that the new format can continue to capture what I loved about their album Cast Away and the live experience.

I saw them live about a year ago (you can read all my thoughts here) and they were just coming off some major exposure here in the U.S. from a snapchat promotion. What I loved about seeing them live wasn’t necessarily their most popular songs, but the crazy energy they brought and their ability to jam on tracks like “Is It Real?” or “Eskimo Boy.”

I am an optimist and while I will miss the old Strange Talk I am eagerly awaiting more new music from the guys that will blow me away.

Check out the first single “Something’s Bout To Change:”