Seven Things To Look Forward to at Phono del Sol Music Festival Saturday July 11th


We are big fans of The Bay Bridged here at SFCritic. Not only do they spend every day supporting local music here in San Francisco, but they also put on one of the best bang-for-your-buck music festivals in the country. I am of course talking about Phono del Sol Music and Food Festival. There is so much to love about this boutique festival that takes place in the Misson’s perfect little Potrero del Sol.

To celebrate this year’s show I decided to pick an arbitrary number of things I am looking forward to Saturday.

1. I’ll start out with an easy one, co-headliner Tanlines. Tanlines are touring on their new album Highlights released in May. This NYC duo just oozes creativity as can be heard in their music and seen in this incredible Netflix parody created to promote the album. Their electronic blend is hard to categorize, but if I had to describe it I’d say it sounds like Talking Heads recorded an album in a submarine with a sassy robot sidekick from the 80s? Check out “Pieces” off the new record, I can’t wait to hear this one in the afternoon sunshine.

2. This is another easy one. KING TUFF! We are talking feel good music with some of the best guitar riffs out there, and drums that penetrate your bones and consciousness. I want to accomplish something really cool in my lifetime so that when they make my movie they can use King Tuff for the soundtrack. Right now I am leaning towards teaching a dog how to surf, but really the dog is teaching me so much more about life? Fall 2032.

King Tuff will quench your thirst for real, honest-to-goodness rock Saturday.

3. This is the controversial pick, but I am going to go ahead and say 50% off beer is a crowd-pleaser. I have no idea what this app is all about but I know that two for one beers has never been a bad thing. Bask in it Spray app, this is your fucking moment.

4. VÉRITÉ is an artist I have been following for a while, but haven’t had a chance to see in person. The girl has pipes and some of the cleanest electronic production you will hear from a U.S. based artist. I was hooked the first time I heard her single “Echo.”

Most recently I have been listening to “Colors” on repeat. I often catch myself trying to sing along and my neighbors probably assume I am having a seizure. Take the “Colors” challenge yourself, if you can nail her vocal range you should probably be out on tour yourself.

5. Shout out to all the skateboard kids to don’t give a fuck about the music festival and just want to pick up a few new bruises. Keep doing you.

6. I can’t forget local act HEARTWATCH FKA The Tropics. I have written at length in the past about why they are my favorite pop act out of SF right now, I even wrote about it in The Bay Bridged. Thats called synergy folks. They are putting the finishing touch on their debut LP and in the meantime check out this awesome video for “Take You Home” featuring some fab SF locales.

7. Food trucks. Of course their will be food trucks suckas, this is 2015. Find the full lineup on the site.

Tickets are only $30, $25 each if you buy with friends and you can pick them up here.

Come find me at the festival so you can tell me how whack my list is.

Check out the full lineup below. I can’t recommend this event enough. Its small, quirky and the best 30 bucks you can spend this summer.

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