Jacco Gardner to Induce Flashbacks, Psychedelia at Brick and Mortar This Saturday (June 27)


Jacco Gardner is set to play Brick & Mortar Music Hall tomorrow night (Saturday, June 27), touring in support of his new album, Hypnophobia, which was just released on Polyvinyl Records. Judging by his sound, and the space that is Brick & Mortar, it should make for an incredibly intimate, and I would imagine flooring, experience.

His style is psychedelic, but not in a screaming guitar, trip-your-face-off kind of way. His is more of a spooky, Beatles-esque, super-fuzz mixed with haunting vocals kind. The entire album has a very 70’s, experimental feel to it, and totally kicks ass all the way through. It’s the kind of music that plays as you’re drifting off at the wheel, taking intermitent pulls from a cigarette to stay awake. Oh wait – that’s his music video for the song “Find Yourself.” In fact, it’s sort of the premise of his whole album, Hypnophobia.

“I came up with the title “Hypnophobia” while falling asleep and part of my brain just didn’t turn off,” explains Gardner. “I often have trouble letting go of reality, even though I prefer the world in my dreams… Hypnophobia comes from a place where fears, darkness and creativity collide, like a slightly scary lucid dream. Fearing a loss of control definitely plays a big part of it.”

I could tell you all about it, but I think this music best describes itself. You can check out the full album on Spotify, and you can also check out his website with full tour dates here. The show’s not sold out yet, so pick up your tickets here.