Day Wave Drops New Single for You To Weekend To


Oakland’s very own Jackson Phillips, aka Dave Wave, released a new single last week called We Try But We Don’t Fit In, and it’s a perfect tune to drift into the weekend to. It’s the kind of song that can maximize any kind of emotion that happens to be influencing you at this moment in time – whether that’s elation from seeing old friends, the flurry of excitement from new relationships, or the comforting buzz of a few cold beers on the beach. A mellow guitar line, simple yet driving, paired with harmonious vocals dipped in falsetto and reverb, this song will help transport you to wherever it is you need to be right now.

If you haven’t given up yet, and are indeed thirsty for more, check out Day Wave’s SoundCloud here.

It’s Saturday, and after reigning victorious over a doomsday-style hangover, you have a drink in your hand, the wind in your face and the sun on your back. You’re a champion, one that can’t be held back – basking in the glory that is 48 hours of pure, unadulterated exemption, free of responsibilities or decision making. Happy weekend, you beautiful Warriors.