Interview: Aussie Transplants Miami Horror on Crafting Their Sound Ahead of Headlining The Independent 6/3


Before Miami Horror headlines a sold out Independent on Wednesday, I had a chance interview Ben Plant, producer and creative force behind the band. They have been busy recently, moving from Australia to LA, exploring ways to to blend different genres into their music and putting out the album All Possible Futures. 

Miami Horror comes from Australia, a large island isolated from the rest of the world where marsupials and synth pop have flourished and evolved into creatures you can’t find anywhere else. The Australians have pushed the boundaries of electronic pop and created hundreds of sub-genres of synthpop. Miami Horror infuses their music with disco and other nostalgic elements, but what surprises me most is just how psycadelic the music can get. Especially the new album and tracks like “Forever Ever.” The biggest single is “Real Slow” an amazingly bouncy track that will have you bobbing whether you are hanging with friends, jamming in your car, or hating life at the office.

Ben Plant took the time to answer some of our questions about the music, the move to LA and more.

SFCritic: Has the move from Australia to LA changed your musical style at all?

Ben Plant: Definitely, it has both allowed us to explore and experiment with our sound a little more, and I think that also the weather and atmosphere has played a role. I feel like LA inspires more upbeat happier songs as well as more analog floatier psychedelic stuff.

SFC: It’s no secret that Australia produces a lot of the world’s synth pop, do you think it has helped you define your style by taking a step away from your home?

BP: Yeah it got us started, but I think we’re only part of the way there, this album was a huge step and a very experimental period for the reasons above. I think the next album we will have found ‘our sound’ a little more.

SFC: How do you describe your sound, do you usually get put in a specific genre? On the new album I feel like I am transported from disco to house to some really psychedelic elements.

BP: Its really impossible to put it into a genre, I think people more associate a feeling with our music rather than one particular sound.

SFC: The LA sunshine must be nice, but are there things you really miss from home?

BP: Yes friends and family. Australia is a funny place and it has a warm character.

SFC: For many American’s fellow Melbourne guys Cut Copy have been their introduction to modern Australian music. Were they an influence as you guys developed your sound and live act? What other influences did you draw upon?

BP: They influenced me in the early days of Miami Horror. Probably more-so to genre mash than anything else, I also liked their use of texture in their songs. We’re pretty much influenced by nostalgic music and previous eras of music, also film and visual art.

SFC: Who would you most like to collaborate with next?

BP: I like to collaborate with anyone outside of our genre, it always results in something new and interesting. Theres no one particular artist I could pick at the moment.

SFC: What is most fun for you guys, playing festivals or indoor events?

BP: Outdoor festivals at sunset are the winner!

Photo by Dylan Reyes