TICKET GIVEAWAY: 1939 Ensemble live at Elbo Room Monday 5/11


It’s not entirely clear to me how two members of the Breeders are playing a Monday night at the Elbo Room in the Mission; it being a categorically small venue teetering on the edge of dive bar status. But they are, Monday May 11th. Though Kelley Deal’s new band R. Ring is headlining the night, it’s a group called the 1939 Ensemble that I’m most excited to see. A rhythm-nerd’s paradise, the band’s newly released track “Slade” will force you to stare, stomp, and shake your head. How can anyone’s hands move that fast? Call your drummer friends for date night, and if you’re lucky, it’ll be a cheap date … because we have two tickets to give away! 

1939 Ensemble is the brain child of drummer José Medeles and is officially described as a “drums, vibraphone, trumpet & noise trio.” Medeles has supported some incredible musicians through the years including the Breeders, Joey Ramone, and Modest Mouse to name a few. He also owns a vintage drum shop in Portland, OR where he’s based. The ensemble’s just released LP Black Diamond Pearl features an impressive list of collaborators (though it’s not clear whether they were in production roles or performance) with Tortoise’s John McEntire credited as producer. Presumably they will have some of their limited edition vinyl LPs on hand at the Elbo Room.

Show starts at 9p Monday with Cold Beat opening and R. Ring headlining. If you’re unlucky, you can buy tickets for $10 at the door that night, but it’s a small venue, as I said, so you might want to get them in advance (here) for ¢73 less. Another reason to go: The Elbo Room is in line to be yet another casualty of the increasing condo-ification of SF when it is razed this fall. It’ll be a sad day indeed, so enjoy this little gem of a room while you can.

Photo by Todd Walberg

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