Oaktown Indie Mayhem releases Yassou Benedict’s “Youngblood”


When I first heard Yassou Benedict‘s “Youngblood,” the first release off Oaktown Indie Mayhem (OIM)’s upcoming compilation OIM Vol: I, I’ll be honest … it wasn’t my jam. It has lurking in it many of the elements of dubstep, (to which only this guy knows how to dance), and I don’t really like dubstep. But – out of admiration for the work that OIM does to support the local music scene – I gave it another listen. And damned if the electro indie  darkness didn’t win me over completely, dubstepping hints and all.

This time, listening, I was shrouded in a lonely quiet. Late night, kid sleeping, wind shaking the hundred year old window frames. And suddenly a bridge opened between me and this song. A wiggling bridge. There is no single, undeterred beat here. The beat shifts emphasis every 10 seconds or so, which creates this feeling of falling side to side, jerking forward, leaning back as the bass tones blast. (This is one of the hallmarks of dubstep.) But bassist and lead singer Lilie Bytheway Hoy’s haunting alto anchors it all. Pushed just the slightest bit back into the mix, her vocals make me lean forward to listen closer, and in so doing, seem to take my hand and pull me along, guide me through the glitches.

While it seems like the heavy feeling of this song is present in their sound overall, from what I can tell, this particular song is something different. “Youngblood” is the opposite of Easy Listening. It is Dark And On The Move, and in my lonely quiet, I felt the urge to pull on a carmine cape and head off for a midnight wander through an abandoned city. A deep, dark, delicious solitude.

More about the band here.

We’ll have more about the OIM compilation in the coming weeks, including coverage of their residency at Leo’s in Oakland to celebrate the upcoming release (June 23rd):

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June 4th – Emily Afton, Yassou Benedict + El Elle