Don’t Miss: Thursday’s Cal Academy of Sciences Nightlife Featuring Braille and Different Sleep


California Academy of Sciences never fails to surprise us. They’ve figured out the perfect formula for an entertaining and educational Thursday night. We’re especially excited for Thursday’s NightLife event, Giant Nightlife. Their recent exhibit, Whales: Giants of the Deep, gives visitors the chance to “journey into the world of whales and see them in all their glorious diversity,” but what we’re really excited about are the two music acts Different Sleep and Braille.

As a long time fan of the two, I’ve been waiting for the day I could finally see them. I’ll be dreaming about those such, bass-heavy beats from Praveen Sharma aka Braille (half of Sepalcure).

And I can’t wait to hear the effortlessly blended sounds of familiar R&B, pop, chill wave, and synth-pop hits from Different Sleep’s Rafael “Rafa” Alvarez.

If you like what you heard with the small taste above, make sure you make it to Thursday’s Nightlife. Tickets are still on sale, so hurry and get yours here for $12 + fees.