Interview: Brooklyn’s Dreamers On Cosmic Rock, Touring With STP and New Music


Brooklyn trio Dreamers are headed to The Fillmore tomorrow night supporting legends Stone Temple Pilots. It must be pretty awesome for an up and coming band to play the Paramount in Seattle and The Fillmore here in SF in back to back gigs. I also hope that while the guys are on tour with STP they take the opportunity to master the 90s rock voice.

Tickets are still available for tomorrow and can be found here.

Dreamers play what they call cosmic rock. For the uninitiated, it’s upbeat, driving alternative rock instrumentals with a heavy dose of reverb and guitar flair. Listening to their self titled EP I got an OK Go meets original Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack vibe. It’s new, but it has a familiarity that you’ll like. Once I learned that 2/3 of the band hails from Seattle, I could definitely also hear the influence of a steady diet of grunge growing up.

Check it out for yourself starting with their single “Wolves” below. You can also find more music here.

I had a chance to ask Nick Wold a few questions ahead of their Fillmore show tomorrow.

I’ve seen your music described as cosmic rock, where are you drawing the inspiration for your music?
We draw a lot of inspiration from the actual cosmos, and wonder about the strange nature of existing. Rock’n’roll is philosophy as well as fun, science and art as well as ‘fuck-all’.

I see you guys hail from Brooklyn, did you guys form here originally or move there from somewhere else?
We live in Brooklyn and formed the band there. However Chris and I (Nick) were born in Seattle and Nelson in Maryland.

What are some other Brooklyn bands you guys think we should be following?
I would highly recommend Mainland. They are an absolutely killer rock’n’roll band from Brooklyn, and will be releasing their first record soon.

What’s it like touring with Stone Temple Pilots (STP)?
We just played our first show with them last night. It was a celebration for us since it was our first show in Chris’ and my hometown of Seattle. And for it to be at the legendary Paramount Theatre was a dream come true. STP are the absolute best guys and we’re thrilled to continue the journey to San Fransisco today.

How old are you guys, was STP something you listened to growing up?
It definitely was. We are all in our late twenties and STP was omnipresent when we were kids. The grunge era rock bands hold a particular personal significance to us. I think Nelson actually learned all of STPs songs on bass back in the day.

When can we expect more new music from you guys?
Expect to hear more this summer, and lots, lots more soon after that. We have a whole ton of new things brewing that we can’t wait to share with the world!